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Travel Fundraising

Is the perfect solution to help nonprofits reach their goals and meet their financial needs. It is a great way to engage donors in a unique and exciting way, while still allowing them to make a meaningful contribution.

Partnering with an experienced travel fundraising company can help organizations raise between $2,500 and $20,000 for their cause. Fundraiser Travel works diligently to create customized trips that are perfect for families, couples, people who want to relax, or those looking for an adventure. We also provide the marketing skills needed to ensure the fundraiser gets maximum exposure through social media campaigns, emails, newspaper ads, and more.


Fundraiser Travel tells an organization’s story in a meaningful way that helps them build their community of supporters. All of this leads up to the launch of a successful fundraising campaign that will allow donors to contribute funds while simultaneously experiencing something unforgettable.


In conclusion, Travel Fundraising is an excellent option for any nonprofit looking for ways to increase donations and engage its supporters in innovative ways. With its potential for increased donations and improved engagement levels, it’s worth considering when brainstorming new ways of raising money for your organization’s cause.

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Benefits of Membership

Travel Membership is a unique program that provides organizations with invaluable benefits in the form of travel fundraising and additional assistance. As a member, not only will your organization have access to helpful resources for fundraising efforts

These courses cover topics such as grant writing and strategy development, as well as offering guidance on how to create effective marketing campaigns. Furthermore, Fundraising Travel Membership also assists members with their events by providing donations or door prizes. This can help generate more interest in the event while potentially helping to increase donations.
In addition to these benefits, Fundraiser Travel Membership provides year-end giving assistance which can be immensely helpful during this important time of year. They have a team of experts that are there to guide and support you throughout the entire process and provide advice on how to maximize your end-of-year fundraising results.

Finally, members also have access to other valuable resources such as webinars run by experienced professionals who offer tips and best practices for successful fundraising initiatives. In general, membership with Fundraiser Travel Membership can be an incredibly valuable asset for any organization looking to raise funds more effectively and efficiently.

Let Fundraiser Travel Assist Your Organization with Raising Money, Providing Awareness to Include New Supports/Donors, and Overall Support